6 Things to Consider Before You Decide Custom Kitchen Cabinets Prices

Kitchen cabinets that have good quality can look very elegant. It provides maximum functionality and it has storage that is so easy to use. But before you pay for your custom kitchen cabinets prices, let’s take a look at what good cabinets should have.

  1. The construction of all-plywood

Particleboard or plywood becomes the most common material to use to build cabinet boxes. You should take a note that the strongest cabinets are built from full plywood backs and sides in order to stay in a square shape especially when it is delivered and installed. Having full plywood backs and sides also can resist the moisture to prevent any damage and also handle the heavy countertops’ weight.  Meanwhile, kitchen cabinets that are built from particle board usually are indeed cheaper, but it is more prone to damage from crushing and moisture. It is also hard for its joints and screws to repair blowouts.

  • Back of the cabinet is in full-height

The construction of the back of the cabinet can give impact whether it is easy to install and how strong it is. Keep in mind that the good construction of the strongest cabinet is built from full-back panel and full plywood. Cheaper methods for constructing the cabinet’s back usually use rails, metal hangs brackets and rails, picture-frame construction, and thin panels.

  • Cabinets’ hinges should be soft

One of the most important elements in a kitchen cabinet is cabinet hinges. Without them, you will not be able to close and open the door. Before you decide what kind of custom kitchen cabinets prices you will go for, make sure that the cabinets are not poorly built. Having poor hinges can cause uneven doors, loose, and stiff. The worst part is it will not close properly.

  • Drawer glides that are soft-close, under mount

The glides or slides of the excellent quality drawer are very important to support the silent and smooth movement of your drawers’ cabinet over years. If the drawers carry more weight, of course, the necessity for the glides of heavy-duty will be greater too. Weak and poor glides can give impact to the cabinets to lose, sagging, and even stick cabinet drawers.

  • Drawer boxes made of hardwood dovetail

If the front faces of your drawers are falling off or the drawers themselves are bowing or even bending, then it is the time to replace them with more excellent quality. The drawers’ joints and boxes are the important things yet mostly fall apart in a kitchen cabinetry which has low-end. If the drawer boxes are in poor quality, there a few hack tips to make them a little bit stronger.  You can secure them with notched butt joints and staples.

  • Interior melamine

There are some parts inside your cabinet that should be tough, wipe-clean, and non-porous enough to make it long lasting without showing wear, bubbling, or staining. In order to see clearly inside your cabinets, it is strongly recommended to pick light-colored interiors. We hope that these tips will save your budget too before you decide custom kitchen cabinets prices you are going to pay. By paying attention to those tips, you will have good quality cabinets that have long durability