Design Your Kitchen with the Annie Sloan Paint Kitchen Cabinets

This article will discuss Annie Sloan kitchen cabinets. Well, the most popular part of housewives is a kitchen. It’s like being in a house because every day, the kitchen must always be visited by housewives, especially those who like cooking.

In the kitchen, there is kitchen furniture that is used for all cooking activities starting from washing, slicing, and cooking, so in the kitchen, you will also see the presence of kitchen cabinets.

The part of the kitchen that is in the back of the house and is usually exposed to the sun through the window makes kitchen furniture such as cabinets easy to look dull. For this reason, the cabinet that serves to put kitchen spices and other equipment can remain durable, needs proper care, one of which is to paint it to give it a fresh look. To paint the kitchen cabinet, you can use Annie and Chalk Paint.

Painting the Kitchen Cabinets by Using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

When you paint using Annie’s kitchen cabinets and chalk paint, the kitchen cabinet will seem as if there is a European look, then it is also the same as milk paint. An Annie, Chalk Paint, is able to give your kitchen cabinet a feel of vintage. It is also equipped with a soft wax on the surface of your painting. Besides the velvety and luxurious soft wax, the other strength of this paint is that you can use it whenever you want.

Indeed, to get good results you have to be patient because if you are not careful then the results of the painting will not be maximal. It would be nice if you do painting on holidays so you can do it casually and thoroughly. Also, make sure you use high-quality paint to get maximum paint results.

Tips for Painting Kitchen Cabinets

In painting the kitchen cabinet, you have to pay attention to several things, one of which is a choice of colors. Choose the color that fits your kitchen so that the color of the kitchen cupboard matches the design of your kitchen. then remove all cabinet doors or parts that you want to paint to make painting easier. Next, don’t forget to clean the part you want to paint because dust and dirt can make the paint not stick perfectly.

Next sand the part you want to paint. By doing this sanding, later the paint will stick firmly and not easily peel because the sandpaper removes the layer on the surface of the cupboard by sanding it will be ready to be painted.

When you do the first painting, wait for the paint to dry and paint again until the paint becomes thick and beautiful. Finally, don’t forget to also give clear paint to make your paint become more durable and more beautiful.

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Additional Tips to Care The Kitchen Cabinets

When the Wardrobe Has Been Dulled

Due to sun exposure, make some of your home furnishings have faded colors including kitchen cabinets. For this reason, you are recommended to change the color of the closet to new again.

With repainting, your closet will look like new. But before you paint, clean each side of the cabinet first with a wet cloth. Don’t miss using the closet cleaner. Then paint it again.  

For New Cabinets

If you intend to make a new cupboard for the kitchen, it is necessary to make from quality ingredients. Choose the type of wood that is strong and also resistant to impact and other consequences. Then design a wardrobe model that is tailored to your kitchen needs. Those are the explanations about Annie Sloan kitchen cabinets.