How much for new kitchen cabinets

How much for new kitchen cabinets you need to spend when you need to replace your kitchen cabinet? If you need new kitchen cabinet, this guide can help you to find the right one with budget you have.

Type of kitchen cabinet

The first thing that you need to consider when you are looking for the price of kitchen cabinet is the kitchen cabinet construction type.  There are 3 main types of kitchen cabinets:

•    Stocks cabinet. A stock cabinet is a type of full fabricated and the cabinet is sold by home improvement or the design stores. This usually took to the home as same days or within a few days after buying transaction.

•    The semi-custom cabinet is the cabinets that allow slight of customizations pace for the buyer. This cabinet usually takes longer times to build-depend to the number of customization that buyer request.

•    Custom cabinets. This is the one which made with personally to fit with the exact buyer request and specifications and the timing for the built the cabinet is depended to the scope from the jobs and the schedule from the cabinet maker.

Which one that cheapest? The stock cabinet is the cheapest one as the price is around $60-$200 linear per foot. For the semi-custom kitchen cabinets it will cost about $100-$650 per linear foot and for the custom kitchen cabinets is cost expensive start from $500-$1200 per linear foot.

How to save your money for buying new kitchen cabinets

When you buy new kitchen cabinets, how you can save your money? Here are some smart ways to save your money.

•    Choose from affordable wood material.  When you choose the right wood material, you can save hundreds of dollars from the total cost. Oak is the most affordable wooden material for kitchen cabinets. Hickory is the one that you might consider for an upgrade. The Maple wood can hike up the price kitchen cabinets to $1000. Cherry is also one that usually expensive.

•    Consider laminate or thermo foil. If you want to really save your money when buy kitchen cabinets, you can expect for not always go with all-plywood materials. Choose laminate and thermo foil for cut the cost.

•    Get less customization. When you get fewer details and custom it will less you pay. The customized items such as decorative legs, matching end panels, or glass door fronts are items that surprisingly costly and increase the cost for your kitchen cabinets.

•    Say no to pullouts design. Well, the pullout, whether it is a trash bin, sliding shelves and others will increase the cost. Choose the standard blind corner and base cabinet without the whistles and bell.

•    Get more doors and go with fewer drawers. The raised panel door style and clean looking wood such as maple is a good thing. Saving money is not means you totally sacrifice that much. Take fewer drawers in your kitchen cabinets because drawer bases cost more than the standard base cabinet. Sacrifice for some “advanced” upgrades such as soft-close drawers and full extension slides will save your money into hundreds of dollars. Choose your desired design and ask the consultant to help you make a right budget or choose kitchen cabinets as the budget how much for new kitchen cabinets you have calculated before.