Installing IKEA Kitchen Cabinets

 installing ikea kitchen cabinets

Dismantling and installing a kitchen set cannot be done carelessly. That is why in this article we will show you the tips on installing IKEA kitchen cabinets appropriately. The following procedures are the systematic steps that you would follow when installing the cabinets on your own. 

Disconnecting electricity

If you want to dismantle the old kitchen set, previously disconnect in advance all the electricity and gas networks connected to the old kitchen set which are needed to be removed or rearranged. Also included is a clean and dirty water system at the sink.

Move the old kitchen set

After that, by using gloves, you should move the old kitchen set to the prepared place. You have to decide whether it will be put in a warehouse, given to someone else or sold to a used merchant.

Finishing walls and floors

The old walls in the old kitchen should be thoroughly cleaned, even repainted using a beautiful and cool house paint color if you think that it is necessary. Do not forget the floor area where the kitchen set will be placed. It should be coated with sheets so that the floor is protected from scratches.

Marking the floor

The next step that you have to do before installing ikea kitchen cabinets is marking the floor. For a more precise installation process, you can mark the floor with chalk before the kitchen set will be installed. So that you will not have to work twice when the kitchen set is placed in an undesirable spot.

Checking electricity and water system

Do not forget to double check the switches, wiring, water pipes, and other electricity and water systems. This step is needed to do to avoid the damages to the system. If the old kitchen set has been removed and the work area is ready, then you can continue the installation process.

Starting from the top

The work should begin from the top kitchen cabinet. This is done so that the bottom cabinet installation process can run more smoothly. In addition, it will allow you to have more space and the installation process will be more stable.

Assembling the bottom

The next installation is to assemble and re-attach the lower cabinet and high cabinet. Before placing furniture, it is better to make holes first as a drain, socket and also to place a gas pipe that adjusts to the location of the cabinet. After the bottom cabinet is properly installed, the next step is to attach the surface of the kitchen table. For a kitchen set which upper surface is installed, you only need to adjust the height level, including the sink, water tap, and stove.

Installing the drawers, shelves, doors

If all the main cabinet elements have been neatly paired, it is time to start pairing the supporting elements. Usually in the form of installation of drawers, doors, shelves and so on. If the kitchen set has accessories lights, you also need to install it. If all the supporting elements are properly installed, make sure that the water and electricity lines can flow smoothly and without obstacles.

Finishing Before the kitchen set starts to be filled with kitchen furniture, it would be better if you double check first. It is important to do, in order to check whether or not the process of installing IKEA kitchen cabinets have been done perfectly.