Retro Metal Kitchen Cabinets

Metal is very popular to be used as the main material for making furniture and household appliances, including retro metal kitchen cabinets. Furniture and appliances made of metal are also very suitable to be brought outdoors because of its high resistance to heat, weather, and rain, which the wood-based furniture does not have.

There are several types of metal which are perfect for making retro metal kitchen cabinets. Each of them has its own characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses. The following list is expected to help you in considering which one is best for your needs and style.


Aluminum has a very similar look to stainless steel, except that it is much lighter and has lower strength. Apart from resembling, aluminum also tends to be less expensive than stainless steel, so it is used more often. Aluminum does not rust, but through the oxidation process, aluminum can corrode. This lightweight material is widely used as a type of folding shaped furniture that is easy to carry everywhere, including the retro metal kitchen cabinet.

Although lightweight and often has an efficient folding design, aluminum is not as strong as steel. At a much cheaper price, aluminum is very suitable as a steel replacement material. The use of aluminum often shows the impression of elegance and modernity.

Stainless steel

Household appliances and kitchen utensils made of stainless steel are very common and easy to find, starting from tableware, sinks, lamp holders, to our furniture materials. Stainless steel is actually a combination of iron, carbon, chromium and some other types of metals. This material is resistant to corrosion and oxidation. That is why furniture made of stainless steel, including the retro metal kitchen cabinet, is much liked by the users because it is easy to maintain. In addition, stainless steel also has a higher strength than aluminum. The use of this material can show the impression of luxury, elegance, and modernity.

retro metal kitchen cabinets


Generally, iron is classified into two different types, they are cast iron and wrought iron. What are the differences between the two? As the name suggests, cast iron is formed after the hot iron liquid poured into a mold so that it can be shaped as the creator’s desire. While the wrought iron can be shaped after the maker hit the raw material several times. The wrought iron will be bent after being heated to get the expected shape.

This material is very suitable for use as furniture. However, because iron tends to be rough, it needs more special treatment to make it become a good furniture base and clean it from rust. That is why it is quite understandable that iron prices tend to be more expensive than aluminum.

Iron is usually used as the main material to make plant shelves and pots, natural rustic beds, lamp holders and retro metal kitchen cabinets. The iron display is perfect for producing furniture that is suitable for natural, industrial, and open-air space designs. However, iron is very easy to rust, so it must be treated well and avoided from water, high and low temperatures.